Barnes Wallis ,  Bombs: Tallboy, Dambuster & Grand Slam ,  Stephen Flower    OUT OF PRINT Tempus Publishing, Limited, 2004. Hard cover. Very good in very good dust jacket.. Glued binding. Paper over boards. With dust jacket. 416 p. Contains: Illustrations. Revealing History (Hardcover). This is a wonderful book for those who are seriously interested in the evolution of the famous bombs designed by Barnes Wallis for the Royal Air Force during WWII. The author has exhaustively researched and carefully chronicled a very comprehensive look at the challenges faced by Wallis, the RAF leadership and the incredibly valiant and intrepid men who designed, tested, built, armed, loaded and flew these unique weapons into the Third Reich. The reader will come to much more fully appreciate the superb qualities of the Lancaster bombers, as they become central characters of the story. The frustrations and dangers of trying to put ever larger bombs, ranging from the 4,000 lb "Tallboy Small" to the 22,400 lb "Grand Slam," into an aircraft designed for much smaller bombs, and then getting precise release mechanisms for accurate bombing make for compelling reading. The narrative brings a very human face to the aviators, their adversaries and the many other characters who have parts to play. Personal testimony is at times humorous, always exhilarating and frequently profoundly sad as the aerial raids and raiders are described in harshly real terms. The long and exceptionally dangerous raids to sink the battleship Tirpitz and the breaching of the Mohne and Eder dams are of particular interest and are detailed exquisitely. This is a book that will complete the knowledge of those who know something about these events, and its place of honor on the bookshelf of the student of WWII flying history is absolutely assured

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