A Post Edo Genuine russet iron Japanese Samurai Somen ( Mask ) , Full size and in very good condition.  Signed " ICHIROU " .
A late Edo to Meiji style Mask that is a great example of its type with very good detail, the red lacquered on the inside and silk lacing also in good
condition.. Now deceased Ichiro worked in the Kurashiki region of Okayama perfecture circa 1950 – 1970. His Face masks are works of art in their own right , they are equal to if not better than Edo period examples . many are in fact said to beon display in museums in Japan as 16th - 18 century examples ....This Somen allthough not trully Antique , it would date to the early 1960's
Fukutake Ichiro was one of the last true traditional Armour makers in Japan, His pieces are held in high regard and  It would make a wonderful  addition to any armor collection.

PRICE  $6,800 

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