Japanese Samurai Armor Edo Period

This is a good quality edo period Samurai armor.  The Kabuto is 6 plate iron body Russet lacquered, with large horns each side that are probably a later replacement.  The front maedate is brass and original to the kabuto. The menpo or mask is black lacquered iron with lacquered metal plate lames with matching blue lacing.

The 'Do' is of very good quality and is russet iron plates with black lacquered outsides that has crushed abalone shell in it.  Black lacquered metal plates hang from it with dark blue lacing.  This 'Do' has a 'Renjaku' which is to help support the weight.  Heavy silk cords hang over the shoulder and under the straps to emerge through the eyelet holes in the
lower front of the Do where they are tied together.  This would suspend the Do above the shoulders helping like a shock absorber when riding or walking.

The Kote are heavy black lacquered iron plates held by chain mesh attached to a cloth backing.  Patterned doeskin leather on the inside of the hands. There is also a heavy close link chain mail half jacket that was worn under the Do.  

The shin guards are lacquered metal plates with chain mail.  One side has a piece of the top fabric gone. The thigh apron has lacquered iron plates held by chain mail on fabric. The armor box is lacquered wood and in average condition.

Overall a very good quality set of Samurai Armor that dates to the mid Edo period and is is very good condition with only a couple of minor breaks to the lacing (normal for an armor of this age).

Price $19,150 AUD

If you want a close-up of any item please email me, I'm happy to help.